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Online Texas Seat Belt Safety Course at Dallas Adult Driving School

Restore your driving privileges with the seat belt safety course from our facility. At Dallas Adult Driving School Inc., we provide you with the proper instruction to learn the importance of seat belt use.

Seat Belt (OCPS) Course

Complete this online course if you have received a citation for a child car seat violation, transporting passengers ages 5-16 without a seat belt, or for any other seat belt violation with court approval.

Satisfy Your Course Requirement the Easy Way

Taking a judge-ordered Texas Seat Belt Course doesn't get more convenient than this. Instead of sitting in a classroom for hours, you get to be in charge of when and where to complete the course.
  • TEA/State-Approved
  • Fits Your Schedule
  • Take It from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Study in Your Spare Time

With our course, you have the freedom and flexibility to study when and where it's best for you. Log in at any time, using any computer that can access the Internet. And, since there's nothing extra to download and install, you can use more than one computer to take the course.

It's Easy to Take

You'll get to study the Texas Seat Belt Course at your own pace, which will prevent you from feeling rushed or overwhelmed with too much information. And, our course is designed by driver education professionals who understand what it takes to create an easy, effective course.
  • Short, Easy-to-Read Chapters
  • Engaging Graphics and Animations
  • Multiple-Choice Quizzes to Help Reinforce What You've Learned
Car Seat Belt - Driving School in Dallas Texas

Go with the Leader in Online Education

I DRIVE SAFELY has been the leader in online educational training for more than 10 years, and we provide quality you can trust. Enroll in our seat belt course today!
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