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Informative Adult Driving Lessons and Online Driving Classes serving Dallas and surrounding cities.

Become a defensive driver with adult driving lessons and online driving classes from our facility. Dallas Adult Driving School Inc. provides students with a comprehensive program that teaches them important driving skills.

Behind the Wheel Adult Driving Lessons

Home pick up and drop off

We will prepare you for your state driving test. You will learn the proper techniques and tips for driving, reverse, parallel parking, changing lanes, freeway driving, night driving, defensive driving, safety, and much more.

You have the option to adjust the course curriculum to meet your individual needs, whether you are a new driver, a senior driver, or just need a refresher. Our instructors are professional, and they have been teaching driving since 1992. We use Toyota® Corollas™ that have dual controls for your safety. They are equipped with automatic transmissions. We will provide local pick-up and drop-off.

Only $40.00 Per Hour — Two-Hour Minimum

Online Texas Adult Driver Education

One of the greatest benefits of taking our online course is the convenience it offers:
  • Take the Course at Your Own Pace
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Nine Chapters, 10-Question Quiz per Chapter
  • Take Your Certificate to the DPS
  • Complete with Audio Track
  • Simple-to-Do Lessons
  • Log in and out at Any Time
  • 30-Question Final Exam
  • Three (3) Tries to Pass, or Re-Take the Course
  • No Written Exam Required at the DPS
  • Easy Multiple Choice Quizzes
  • Get Live 24/7 Customer Support
  • Must Pass Test and Final with Minimum Score of 70%
  • Get Your Driver's License!
  • State-of-the-Art Animations
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Parent-Taught Teen Driver Education

Study at your convenience. Learn more and retain it longer. Easy to complete. Our parent-taught online course is designed to help you learn faster, with better retention. All of which builds your confidence so you can successfully pass your driver's test!

Using Proven Teaching Techniques, We Combine

  • Cool Animations and Easy-to-Do Lessons Help You Remember More When Testing
  • Self-Paced Course Ensures You Learn More Because You're Ready to Learn
  • Multiple-Choice Quizzes Replicate What You'll See on the DPS Permit Exam
  • Be a Better, Safe Driver and Learn Great Tips and Techniques
  • Complete Parent-Taught Lessons Plans Covers Both Online And Behind-The-Wheel Training
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